We offer a service to fix, install or make over small jobs. This includes bathrooms, laundries and fireplaces as some of the jobs I have done.

Often there are few if any issues, once gouging of the grout lines starts a different picture starts to appear. Holes and soft spots not visible appear and then you can see where water is getting through behind the tiles.



The grout was failing and in places non existent.



Holes started appearing as the grout lines were cleaned out.



There was excessive moisture behind the silicon seal – further monitoring recommended here for leaks in the plumbing.



The finished shower. Looks like new again and the grout is going to be sealed with a silicon sealant to further aid water resistance.



Water damage to the MDF timber was going to cause long term expensive repairs. My solution was to tile it, waterproof, easy to clean and looks nice. In this instance i went for a colour to match the window frame. I considered black but heat issues would have been a factor in this easterly aspect window.



The finished job, clean simple lines and averted a longer term issue.



Holes and soft spots appeared in this cubicle which on face value was very well maintained.



This hole on the floor/wall join was not visible.



The original grout colour is on the bottom and is where I have started gouging out the grout lines.

Removal of cracked and or loose tiles. In this instance the waterproofing membrane is breached with the glue removal and short of a total strip out of the shower, waterproofing is done under the new tile areas.

This 20 plus year old tile in a laundry was chipped when a new benchtop was fitted previously. My client had no idea where we could obtain more tiles and short of removing and re-tiling was stuck. My option was to fill with a water resistant polymer filler. Barely visible and at a metre near on invisible the client was very pleased with the result.


I now carry a grout guide to help in selecting the right colour grout, especially for shower floors and bathrooms etc.