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Garden Structures, Raised Garden Beds, Decorative Screened Areas and Pet Enclosures

Benefits of Raised Garden Beds

Raised beds are a great way to manage your veggie patch. Reducing the amount of bending is one important reason, but here are many others, such as good drainage, pest control, managing soil fertility to name a few.

The beds can be erected quickly and easily from a range of materials. Or use this idea for things like sand pits, tank bases, bbq areas, fire pits and more.

Stunning addition to this garden

Sometimes we are asked to do different work – these beautiful Core 10 Steel screens add a point of difference to my client’s garden.
Earlier we set in heavy duty posts. The install was done a little later – at 2 metres high they are not to be missed!

Decorative Screens are a great addition to your outdoor area.

Constructing frame for sunshade to protect the raised beds on hot days.

pet shelter

Pet enclosures

If you want an enclosure installed, something custom made, or a current one modified or repaired, we can help.

The Sheep Shelter was built with spare items the client had lying around on their property.

The chicken coop was quite quick to construct, with the result of happy little chickens.

BBQ Entertainment Area

People love having a nice outside BBQ area to sit and relax in. Modifications and upgrades are all jobs that Summit Handyman Services can help you with.

BBQ bench