Tile Repairs

Tiling, grout repair and replacing damaged tiles to make a home look better.

We offer a service to fix, install or make over small jobs. This includes bathrooms, laundries and fireplaces. Often there are few if any issues – once gouging of the grout lines starts, a different picture appears. Holes and soft spots not visible appear and you can see where water is getting through behind the tiles.

I carry a grout guide with me to ensure that the right colour grout is selected.

We had a request to look at problem with tiles in a client’s home.
The 25 year old house was in great condition – but the tile glue had totally failed.
We removed large areas of tiles, cleaned them up, glued them back on and a finishing grout.
Not one broken tile in the whole process! We found the tiles were so loose that the only thing holding them in place was the the grout. One slammed door could have brought big sections tumbling down.
BeforeAlmost Finished!