These are some of the jobs we have done for clients to get their property ready for sale.

Rooms were painted, pictures hung, architraves repaired, doors varnished, pavers repaired and pressure cleaned and many more jobs that time poor owners are confronted with when they decide to sell.

It doesn’t always mean large expense or inconvenience, but the tidy up can dramatically lift the overall presentation of your home. It is important to remember that it is the appeal for the buyer that is important.







Just cleaning the awning roof made a huge difference, 




Sanded and re-varnished top to give a clean fresh appearance.

property for sale

Sanded and varnished ledge to lift the room.
Bottom right is a hole in the tile which has been filled. Whilst a different colour it doesn’t catch the eye and with a dab of appropriate coloured paint would become near invisible for tiles that can’t be replaced.