Stormwater Upgrade to Mitigate Flooding

A regular client sent me photos of a problem they had with neighbouring properties flooding their pool area and washing bark and dirt into the pool. They were in desperate need of a stormwater upgrade.

The installed stormwater was ineffectual and the garden bed remained waterlogged and was going to be an ongoing problem.

Our solution was to lower the inlet points, add grates to increase the entry points and to overlay the grates with river pebbles to remove the wash risk, allow easy water penetration and remove the dirt and bark potential for entering the pool.

Flooding issues due to poorly performing stormwater
Flooding after the plant removal
Installing the grates. Run into issues with the footing cement from the retaining wall and had to go around the cement here.
Very wet and soggy ground conditions.
Grates are in place and backfilled with dolomite sand to create a firm base.
Grates covered with geotextile to reduce the dirt going into the stormwater system but allowing the water to flow through.
River pebbles placed over the system to create a clean garden bed with excellent water handling capability.
Client just needs to place some plants around to create a nice look. This could also be some low maintenance pots.
Excess surface water from poor landscaping where very minimal topsoil was placed over heavy clay soils.
stormwater upgrade
Even shortly after instillation drainage has made a difference, surface water is starting to wane.

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