Restoration Work

Quite often you can become attached to a particular feature or item around your home. Many trades will not entertain repair or restoration but often I can provide a solution that is not only cost effective but extends the life of an otherwise useful item.

Adding Pine lining boards to match other rooms in this period home.
Before and after new glazing putty has been applied. Timing for this job was spot on, no damage to the wood behind and after a suitable time to allow the linseed putty to dry an overcoat of varnish will give many more years of service.
Replacing a rotted timber joist in the verandah.
Steps before repair.
After repair and painting.
My client wanted to keep this cast iron table. Being difficult to weld I made up a steel bracket to hold the centrepiece of the legs and moved the top around to bolt it down. Look was unobtrusive and client more than happy.
Pergola was in great condition apart from a couple of posts. Old ones removed, cut edges painted and it was as good as new, ready for another 20 years.

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