Deck Maintenance

Deck maintenance is critical, they generally are a large investment and without protecting them you will be up for expensive replacement costs. I have carried out many deck maintenance jobs in the last few years with the results leaving it looking better and protected for another year. Water based or oil coatings, I have seen great results with both and it is personal choice as to which way you go. Living in a harsh climate with extremes of hot and cold, it is imperative that maintenance is done on a regular basis, a minimum of yearly in the hills.

Build up of dirt, moss, mould and lichens all speed up timber degradation, regular cleaning will even help reduce damage.

Finished deck after washing and oiling.

Screen was washed and oiled.
Slats have come up a lot better than they were originally. The sun and weather had created a lot of colour difference which this time around has not come out totally.
Furniture was washed and oiled.
Deck done with InterGrain oil based product. Great looking finish with this product.
Jarrah deck done with natural oil finish.
Installing new Spotted Gum top.
New Spotted Gum top. Not yet washed and oiled. Wood still wet from rain when photo taken.
Coats of water based deck finish in Natural on Spotted Gum.

An example of degradation in treated pine decking in the Adelaide Hills. Regular oiling would have slowed the end grain rot. This area of the deck is unstable and needs replacing.

Treated pine steps after sanding and initial application of Cabots New Jarrah going on.
Deck has been cleaned and is ready for coating. After a good pressure clean the loose and flaking coating was removed leaving a clean stable surface to coat.
Deck just after 2 coats of Cabot’s New Jarrah water based deck oil.

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