Wooden Window and Fixture Maintenance

There is a great range of wood preserving products on the market and with due care and attention the lifespan of wooden windows etc. can be greatly extended. The addition of awnings can also help as the window in the last photo is north facing and about 10 years old. You can see it is in great condition still and the maintenance timing is good to let it last another 10 years.

In the second photo these windows were installed in 1972 and have never seen paint – only Cabots stain and varnish and they are as sound as the day they were installed. Just the regular application of product has kept them in great nick.

The vanity shot is using a one coat product. Once the correct stain colour was identified the colour match and finish made my client very happy.

Before and after with a stain/varnish product

This house was 47 years old and the windows are in great condition. This house in Upper Sturt shows the benefit of regular maintenance.

10 years after the last coat – this is the benefit of using good quality products. The recoat has bought the window up like new

Previous owners had cut a channel to pass out the drain hose of the washing machine.
My solution was to backfill the channel with wood, flush over and when painted up it looked as good as new. Cost less than $100 and in this instance less invasive than replacing the whole window sill.
With windows it is critical that the glazing putty is kept in good condition to remove the risk of water damage and wood rot. As soon as you see the cracking and loose putty it it time to replace it. This window was in a high sun and rain exposure area of the house.

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