House/Office Renovation

This major undertaking for a friend is to prepare and paint out an old house in Prospect for use as an office. After painting, general repairs to the dining area to rectify some termite damage, minor demolition in the kitchen to open it up and a general tidy up of the bathroom will be some of the other tasks. Once inside is ready I will tackle the front garden, make a path and much more.

October/November – Kitchen Renovation

This period involved removal of the old kitchen in parts, cladding a brick wall with gyprock, building a bulkhead where old walls met and levelling up of the floor so it can be covered with lino. Jobs also done include replacing cornice, ceiling flushing and tiling.

August/September – Creation of a Disabled Toilet.

This period included demolition and removal of internal walls to existing toilet, fixing the ceilings where the walls ran (ceiling was otherwise in good condition) and removal of old wall tiles. After the plumbers came in gyprocking, tiling and painting was all part of the process.


July 2018

Work during this month includes painting the 4 main rooms, ceiling and walls, the roses and cornicing. Commencement of painting the window frames with a water based enamel inside also.

June 2018

Initial preparation work undertaken. Removing friezes and glue, filling wall chases where the electrician has been and filling cracks and holes. After sanding painting with a suitable primer to reduce paint absorption.

Initial Visit

On entering this beautiful 1920s house in Prospect, SA, I saw all these wonderful features and thought wow. Ceiling roses, ornate cornices and fireplaces in each of the main rooms matched with wide skirtings and sash windows. After doing some work I realised the roses, fireplaces and cornices were all later additions. The colour schemes were all very much 1980’s and made the house dark and gloomy. As it is being set up for offices the aim is to bring in light and freshness.

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