Special Request

We received a call for a special guard to be made for a piece of medical machinery where there was a risk of someone burning their feet. 24 hours later the client was very happy with the very simple and practical solution to their issue. Using no glues or oils for health resaons, this was made from Tasmanian Oak and stainless steel screws.

Our client wanted a small verandah over the back door on the weather side of the house. As it was a 1920’s Bungalow it was important that the addition matched the existing house and it wasn’t connected to the addition on the RHS of the photo.
Finished and all painted to match. Existing downpipe was relocated and re-used to match. Structure is self supporting.
Finish underneath is just as important. Filling gaps and painting over to give a seamless look.
Same house as the verandah photos. This time it was to create a cover for the Solar batteries that gave protection from the rain but allowed free flow of air to keep them cool. We made this awning to match, even down to routing the wall supports to match the existing home features.

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